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Grad student scholarship deadlines approach

July 25, 2018

Graduate Student Success Scholarship

Application packet  internal deadline for UNM Engineering/CS Students is: 


AUGUST 2 (5pm) for FALL 2018 (if applying for fall only OR fall and spring)

OCTOBER 31 (5pm) for SPRING 2019 (if applying for spring only)

See flyer for details.

*** If you have completed at least 1 full year of your PhD Program (for Engineering or CS students) OR at least 1 full year of your Master of Construction Mgt., don't miss this opportunity and submit your packet now*** FAFSA on file with the Financial Aid office is required (see requirements below).



  • All nominees must be enrolled currently in a terminal masters or doctoral degree program at UNM and must demonstrate superior academic merit as well as financial need. NOTE: For Engineering or CS fields the terminal degree is PhD. For Construction Management is: Master of Const. Mgt.  
  • Nominees must have been enrolled in their UNM graduate program for at least one year and should demonstrate meritorious academic or creative accomplishments during their tenure in the program.
  • Nominees must have a current, updated FAFSA on file (for 2018-2019) so that the nominating unit can determine their level of financial need and the colleges and Graduate Studies can verify that level of need. In addition, students must have submitted all required verification documents to the Financial Aid Office, as requested.  A complete financial aid file is required in order to properly assess a student’s financial need. The Success Scholarship cannot be awarded to students who do not have an active and complete financial aid file.
  • Student’s faculty advisor must be a tenured or tenure-track faculty member in the SOE at UNM


Application Packet:  Application packets for each nominee must at minimum must include the following:

  • a copy of most current Student Aid Report (SAR) (obtained by students with current FAFSA on file);
  • a copy of the student’s financial aid award overview from Loboweb (see instructions attached);
  • a personal statement articulating the nominee’s academic and professional goals; and highlighting academic and/or creative achievements made while enrolled as a graduate student at UNM;
  • a plan of study, with a schedule, for completing the requirements for their  program;
  • (1) letter of recommendation: From the department chair or graduate director (the recommendation only may be accepted by August 3 at NOON)

    Submit COMPLETE application packet by the respective deadlines to the metal box located in the Engineering Student Services Office, CEC, Suite 2080 OR to SOE Dean’s Office-Scholarship Box.

For questions contact Elsa Castillo at OR text your question to (505) 280-1833.