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ThanhVu Nguyen Wins NASA Space Grant Fellowship
January 31, 2008

Some Open Problems in Supercomputing I/O
January 29, 2008

Learning to Walk and Swim with Shaped Manifold Control
January 24, 2008

[Colloquium] The Genomics of Quiescent Cells:CS-driven Biological Discovery
January 22, 2008


Computer Science Students Making a Splash at School of Engineering Convocation
February 11, 2014

[Colloquium] Secure Web Applications and Expressive Security Policies
February 28, 2008

[Colloquium] Tree-based Overlay Networks for Scalable, Reliable Tools and Applications
February 26, 2008

Internet Alert Registry Site Mentioned in InformationWeek, CNET
February 24, 2008

[Colloquium] Techniques and Tools for Engineering Secure Web Applications
February 21, 2008

[Colloquium] Knowledge Transfer in Reinforcement Learning
February 19, 2008

[Colloquium] Virtual Environments: a multi-disciplinary research tool
February 14, 2008

[Colloquium] Predicting Bugs by Analyzing Software History
February 12, 2008


Nate Swanson Wins UNM Innovations in Informatics Award
March 28, 2008

[Colloquium] Walking Your Dog in the Woods in Polynomial Time
March 27, 2008

Truthful Adaptive Sponsored Search Mechanisms
March 25, 2008

[Colloquium] When is a good time? Mediating Notification Delivery to Reduce Cost of Interruption
March 11, 2008

[Colloquium] Optimization in the Dark
March 6, 2008

[Colloquium] Privacy-preserving Data Aggregation over Participatory Networks
March 4, 2008


Derek J. Smith Profiled, Published in Science for his Work Mapping Influenza
April 21, 2008

[Colloquium] Visual Computing - A walk down the Visual Information Processing Pipeline
April 10, 2008

[Colloquium] Data Mining in Word Learning and the Internet Classroom
April 1, 2008


CS Research in the Spotlight
May 20, 2008

Dennis Paiz-Ramirez To Speak at SOE Convocation
May 17, 2008

Andree Jacobson Wins Teaching Award
May 7, 2008

Complexity and Networks in Nature
May 1, 2008


Prof. George Luger Featured in Slashdot, NetworkWorld
July 29, 2008

Jonathan Baca Wins Fellowship
July 24, 2008


Graduate Student Orientation and Advisement Schedule Available
August 22, 2008

Welcome New Graduate Students
August 22, 2008

Curriculum Revised
August 19, 2008

Prof. Jed Crandall Interviewed on TV and Radio about Chinese Internet Censorship
August 8, 2008

ConceptDoppler Project: In the Media Spotlight
August 3, 2008


[Colloquium] Roadrunner: A Petaflop/s before its time
September 26, 2008

ThanhVu Nguyen Receives New Mexico Space Grant Consortium Scholarship
September 24, 2008

[Colloquium] Implementing Scheme in a Virtual World
September 12, 2008


[Colloquium] Constraint Satisfaction for First-Order Logic
October 31, 2008

Phase Transitions in Computer Science, Statistics, and Physics
October 24, 2008

[Colloquium] Phase Transitions in Computer Science, Statistics, and Physics
October 24, 2008

Melanie Moses: Co-Author on Science Paper
October 22, 2008

Kurt Ferreira Featured in Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research Article
October 15, 2008

[Colloquium] Nonconvex compressive sensing: getting the most from very little information (and the other way around)
October 10, 2008

Welcome Three New Faculty!
October 7, 2008

[Colloquium] Petascale Computational Science on Roadrunner
October 3, 2008


Anomalous Change Detection in Remote Sensing Imagery
November 21, 2008

[Colloquium] Dependable Distributed Computing at AT&T Labs Research
November 13, 2008

[Colloquium] Energy-aware Server Provisioning and Load Dispatching for Connection Intensive Internet Services
November 7, 2008


James Horey: Fifth in a Row as Convocation Speaker
December 20, 2008

[Colloquium] A security research plan for vehicle system
December 5, 2008