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UNM CS participates in NASA Swarmathon Challenge

April 22, 2016

UNM students participated at the Swarmathon at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida. Twelve teams from Minority Serving colleges and universities from across the country competed. Students competed by programming a group of robots to cooperatively search for and collect resources from previously unmapped environments. All robots operated autonomously, communicating and interacting as a collective swarm to collect as many resources as possible. Four teams advanced to the semi-finals, which was held on April 21. After two preliminary rounds, Fayetteville State University (FSU) was in first place having collected 81 tags, followed by Southwestern Indian Polytechnic Insititute (SIPI) with 53, Central New Mexico College (CNM) with 17, and Morehouse College with 12. The competition schedule and video feeds of the competition arenas were streamed live at

The Swarmathon is run at the University of New Mexico by the lab of Professor Melanie Moses under a Cooperative Agreement with NASA's Minority University
Research and Education Program (MUREP). For more information about the Swarmathon, or to sign up to receive information about the competition next year, visit NasaSwarmathon or the NASA Swarmathon Facebook Page.

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