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Human Centric Security (HuCS) The Complex Science of Cyberdefense

April 15, 2015


Human Centric Security (HuCS)

Date: 4/17/15
Time: 3:00pm-5:00pm
Location: Centennial Engineering Center, Room 1028 on UNM Campus

Presentation Title: The Complex Science of Cyberdefense

Technologies for Securing People

Contact Info:
Lourdes McKenna

Organized by:
Michas Faloutsos
UNM Computer Science
Alex Seazzu
UNM Anderson School of Managernent
Bob Hutchinson
Sancta National Labs

Speaker: Stephanie Forrest, Professor, UNM

Malicious elements are ubiquitous in complex systems. Just as there are cyber security threats in the internet, there are viruses, parasites, and bacteria in biology: bullies in social networks: and rogue nations in the international community. Studying the general principles that complex systems use to manage such threats can suggest techniques for tackling the specific problem of cyber security. Promising approaches emphasize defenses that are robust to unforeseen perturbations, evolvable in response to changing conditions, and self-repairing in the face of damage. Using the tools of complexity science to understand today's technologcal networks and their linkages to human behavior, social norms. and economic incentives can help us address the gobal scale of today's many cybersecurity problems.

This joint institute will develop innovative and disruptive technologes, systems and processes to ensure that people are prot.ted and empowered and train the next generation of security engineers, managers and researchers. We frame cyber-security around humans in a holistic way that includes their well being, physical safety, and their fundamental rights. Systems, services, policies, and tools should be focused on protecting people's: (a) data, (b) privacy, (c) physical and emotional well- being, and (d) fundamental rights.

• Conducting cutting edge human-centric research
• Establishing a problem-drive agenda
• Educating the next generation of ethical hackers
• Becoming a catalyst for technology trasnfer and societal impact