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The TechFiesta CS/ECE Talent Showcase Day was a success!

September 15, 2014

We wanted to thank all who came out to see current research from our students. There were many students and tech community members in attendance for the poster competition and research talks. Provost Chaouki Abdallah and Associate Dean of Research Christos Christodoulou made the welcoming remarks. Michalis Faloutsos, CS Department Chair, gave an overview of CS and ECE and later Sue Buffington, SOE Internship Coordinator, talked about the NSF STEP internship program. Professors Mueen and Hayat gave a glimpse of their research activities while Professor Suleiman Kassicieh shared information about the UNM Business Place Competition. We also had Jovan Heusser from STC discussing tech transfers.

Following the research talks was the Student Research Poster Competition. There were 20 posters submitted and presented at the event. We would like to congratulate all poster participants as well as our panel of 7 exceptional judges who evaluated the posters. The judges were Dr. Suleiman Kassicieh (Distinguished Professor at ASM), Bruce Pitt (Principal Consultant and Owner of RBCG,  LLC.), John Mierzwa (Director  of STEMulus Initiatives at CNM and CEO & Founder at Deep Dive Coders), Pamela Weese (Director of Business Development at Verge Fund), Lawrence Chavez (Chief Executive at Lotus Leaf Coatings), Brian Stinar (Cofounder of Noventum Custom Software and IT) and Bill Hartman (President and CEO at Ion Lianc Systems).The judges unanimously expressed their admiration for the quality of work displayed by students.

The competition was fierce, and we had a three way tie for 2nd place. The winners are:

1st Place:

“Haptic-Guided Motion Planning Through Potential Fields” by Torin Adamson, John Baxter, Kasra Manavi, Bruna Jacobson, and Lydia Tapia

2nd Place:

“Infrared Screening for Quantitative Early Diagnostics of Peripheral Neuropathy” by Viktor Chekh, Greg Iven, Shuang Luan, Peter Soliz, and Mark Burge

“Computational Methods for Studying Allergies: Simulation and Analysis of Antibody Aggregation” by Kasra Manavi, Alan Kuntz and Lydia Tapia

“Dual-domain Hierarchical Phoneme Classification” by Hossein Hamooni and Abdullah Mueen

People’s Choice:

“Low Voltage CMOS Compatible Linear-mode p-n Junction Silicon Avalanche Photodiode” by Md Mottaleb Hossain, Payman Zarkesh-Ha, and Maheed M. Hayat

Again, we would like to thank students, faculty and our community members for coming out for the TechFiesta CS/ECE Day. This event would not have been possible without our sponsors; special thanks to COSMIAC, Starbucks and STC for helping make this event wonderful.