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CyberAuto Challenge and the CS Department

July 31, 2014

CyberAuto Challenge 2014

CS Student, Rajkumar Pandi, participated in the CyberAuto

Challenge in Detroit, Michigan. Bruce Schneier, author and renowned security expert, attended the event speaking on the importance of security in car technologies. The Battelle CyberAuto Challenge establishes integrated teams of students, scientists, government personnel, and auto industry engineers that engage in a practicum-based series of challenges. Students were able to work with a variety of professionals from automotive manufacturers to the Department of Transportation, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Defense, and research organizations.

Participants were challenged to learn about security challenges associated with building future transportation systems, and to how to adopt secure developmental and cyber architecture to combat these outside threats. Teams will be providing input and performing analysis on current model full-feature cars to look at how to improve future transportation systems.

CyberAuto Challenge 2014
    CyberAuto Challenge 2014    Bruce Schneier