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CSGSA Sponsored 6th Annual Student Research Conference (CSUSC 2010)

April 8, 2010

On April 8th, the Computer Science Graduate Student Association hosted the 6th annual student conference highlighting active research areas within the department. 12 student talks were delivered in the areas of security, immune system strategies for distibuted systems, causal learning, Bayesian network structure search, network learning methods, agent-based modeling inspired by ant colony optimization, and expansion of OpenSolaris networking features to support large scale virtual machine networks. Additionally, Nicholas Pattengale and Jun Zhang, two PhD students graduating this Spring, presented their respective doctoral achievements in the areas of phylogenetic consensus techniques which handle rogue taxa and Gibbs random field modeling of cell membrane proteins. Dr. Melanie Mitchell delivered a spirited and interactive keynote address outlining her new research on bridging the gap between low-level perception and higher-level image understanding. Conference proceedings are available at the conference website.