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Student Project Creates Simulation of Traffic Flow; City to Use

May 31, 2009

The students in Joel Castellanos' CS 351 class (The Design of Large Programs) worked on a traffic simulation of the Raynolds Addition / Barelas Stop Sign Reconfiguration Proposal. This is a current reconfiguration proposal in the area of Albuquerque near the zoo, the bio park, and Tingley Park. The class met with various people including Albuquerque City Councilor Benton as well as members of traffic safety department, from whom they obtained accuRate accident rates and traffic volumes at and between each intersection at various times of day. They created a simulation of the intersection using that data. The city is planning to include an applet version of our student’s simulation on their website for citizen view of the proposal. The students involved are: Jonathan Baca, Omar Garcia, Basak Gocmen, Thomas Gonzales, Annette Hatch, Patrick Mahoney, Jonathan Mandeville, Santiago Montalvo Fernandez, and Trent Yocom.