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Problems in Image and Signal Processing, and Human Computer Interaction

October 25, 2005

  • Date: Tuesday, October 25, 2005 
  • Time: 11:00-12:15pm. 
  • Place: Woodward 149

Prof. Lance Williams 
Department of Computer Science, University of New Mexico

In this talk I will present an overview of my current research activities, including:

  1. Segmentation and classification of adatom chains and islands in scanning tunneling microscope images of the surface of doped silicon crystals (joint work with Sang Han and Kyle Solis, Dept. of Chemical and Nuclear Engineering).
  2. Complex valued wavelet-shrinkage denoising of functional magnetic resonance images of the human brain (joint work with Stephan Posse and Krastan Blagoev, The Mind Institute)
  3. Representing interwoven surfaces in a tool  for 2 1/2 D drawing (with Keith Wiley, UNM, Dept. of Computer Science).