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Monitoring and Adaptation for Large-scale Networked Systems

September 16, 2004

Date: Thursday September 16, 2004
Time: 11am-12:15pm
Location: Woodward 149

Partick G. Bridges <>
Department of Computer Science University of Nw Mexico

Abstract: Modern system software must deal with widely varying large-scale environments ranging from ad hoc networks of low-powered sensors to clusters of thousands of high-speed processors. On both ends of this spectrum, system scale presents a wide range of problems to operating system and networking software, and emerging hybrid systems will present an even more challenging environment for system software designers. In this talk, I will describe an potential large-scale system for monitoring and modelling forest fires, describe the research challenges it presents to system software designers, and describe three different networking-related projects that I and my students are working on to address some of these challenges. These projects include a new approach to monitoring the behavior of large-scale networked systems, the design of new network protocol adaptation mechanisms for large-scale networked systems, and a learning-based approaches to network adaptation policies that I am beginning to explore in cooperation with Professors Forrest and Lane.