Mozilla Mail & Thunderbird

Mozilla Mail comes with all newer versions of Mozilla. The configuration might be slightly different for other versions of Mozilla. Mozilla Thunderbird is another flavor of Mozilla Mail: it's the stand-alone mail client that does with Mozilla FireFox. When you launch Mozilla Mail or Thunderbird for the first time the Account Wizard may start automatically. If the Account Wizard doesn't launch automatically, click on "Create a new account" to launch the Account Wizard. The first screen asks what kind of account you want to set up. The default Email account" is correct, so just click Next. Type in your name as you want it to appear on outgoing email in the Your Name box. Type in your email address in the form "" where "username" is your CS Account name. Then click Next.

Change the incoming server type to IMAP. In the Incoming Server box, type "". In the Outgoing Server box, type the name of the appropriate outgoing mail server (SMTP) :

  • Computers in the CS network: use
  • Computers located off-campus: You can use either your ISPs outgoing mail server or the CS mail sever,

When asked for username, enter just the username, ie, "johnny". You will then be asked to name your account. You can leave the default, which is your email address, or change it. Then click Next. The final screen summarizes the information that you just entered. Verify that it is correct and then click Finish. When you are done you need to go to Edit -> Mail & News Accounts settings under Mozilla Mail or Tools-> Account Settings under Mozilla Thunderbird. Click on the Server Settings for your CS E-mail account and turn on "Use Secure Connection (SSL)". This will automatically change the port to the correct port. Click on the Outgoing server (SMTP). If you are using "" for your outgoing mail server, make sure Username and Passwd is selected, and under Use Secure Connection select TLS. If you are using another Outgoing server (Comcast, for instance) you may be able to leave this setting unchanged.

You can contact CS System Support Group Members by emailing to cssupport@cs.unm .edu if you have further problems with your email-client. by Venkata and Chad Lundgren