Mac OS X Mail

Mail" is Mac OS X's built-in mail application. There is usually an icon for it on your Dock Bar


When you launch Mail for the first time the Mail Setup box will pop up.

In the Full Name field, enter your name as you want it to appear on outgoing email. In the Email Address field enter your email address in the form where "username" is your Computer Science username. In the Incoming Mail Server box enter Select IMAP as the Mail Server Type. Enter your CS username in the Username field. In the Outgoing Server box, type the name of the appropriate outgoing mail server (SMTP) :

  • Computers in the CS network: use
  • Computers located off-campus: You can use either your ISP's outgoing mail server, ie, such as, or the CS mail sever,

We recommend leaving the password box blank so that you are prompted to enter your password when you check your mail. After you enter these settings, click OK. Mail will attempt to verify your connection to the IMAP server. This will fail, since there is one more vital step before Mail will work correctly.

Click on Continue. Mail will then ask if you want to import mailboxes from another email client. Unless you already have an email client set up to get your CS mail, click No. The Mail application will now launch. It may ask if you want to see new features. Click No. After this we need to make changes to the server settings before using it. Go to the Mail Menu, then select Preferences Click on Accounts -> Account information,Server Settings. Switch to the Advanced tab, as shown:

Check the "Use SSL" box. This will automatically change the port to 993, which is correct. For the Authentication type "password" should already be selected. . Close the window and you will be asked if you want to save the changes you made. Click on "Save". You should now be able to check your email. Note: You will most likely see this message when you first open your Mail program:

This error message is misleading. Hitting Continue will let you check your email. This error message means that the secure certificate for the SSL connection was generated at the CS Dept. itself, rather than being purchase from a root authority that Mail is aware of. At the current time, there is no known way to permanently accept the CS certificate using Mac OS X Mail. Mozilla mail does have this capability. Please contact SSG members at for any further problems. by Venkata and Chad Lundgren